Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Power of Dogs

Isn't it amazing how powerful the bond we have with our dogs can be?

I mean- I was having a HORRIBLE day today-- one of those days that makes you wonder who you pissed off "Upstairs" to ruin your life so badly-- A real " I hate myself, my life and everyone in it" kind of day---- know what I mean??

But...Tuesday is Rally Training night~ and it was Bugsy's last Rally class. Plus, I had to bake frigging Cookies to celebrate Bugsy's birthday- of all things- to take to class. (I bet you can tell how much I felt like doing that!)

I SERIOUSLY did not want to go to class- Hey- I didn't even want to get dressed today! But for Bugsy I went- after all, it wasn't HIS fault I was in such a funk- and he does like to go to training.

Somehow- Bugsy knew I was in a bad mood- and he did everything his little blue brain could think of to improve my mood! He worked BEAUTIFULLY~ He "grinned" at me and wagged his tail; jumped and woofed and danced so he could make me smile. While we waited between runs, he jumped up on the bench and sat beside me, shared treats, and gave me cardi-kisses!

Now- please tell me-- how can I stay in a bad mood when I am lucky enough to own such a wonderful dog??

Moving Forward

I have been unemployed for just about 2 months now- and I guess thats my mental limit.

Before I was laid off, when we all KNEW it was coming, I had these grand plans for my 'down-time'!! I was going to sit home, collect unemployment (for the first time in my life!!) get a tan, spend time training the dogs, go back to school, go to dog shows, relax, organize the house, remodel the kennel, decorate the living room...etc...etc... I think, since I KNEW I was going to be unemployed at some point, I was almost looking forward to it!

HOWEVER- I was totally unprepared for how it was going to effect me emotionally~ and ~ completely out of my element with being a "stay at home" person!!

I am- to put it mildly- BORED OUT OF MY SKULL!!

It's not that I don't have THINGS to do! I definitly COULD be training the dogs, organizing the house, working on the new kennel, decorating the living room- Hell-- I could be cleaning- and gardening- and grooming!

But most mornings I find myself having a hard time doing ANYTHING!!!

I am enrolled in school- but class doesn't start until August. I am going to dog training classes- several of them- and I do work the dogs- but there is a limit to how long and how often you can train a Corgi; they are too darn smart and they burn out fast!!

I would be going to more dog shows- but that involves spending money- which I am having a hard time justifying- since I have a reduced income. My specials bitch has dropped all of her coat and my class puppy dog is really not at all competative yet- so there is no sense in giving my money away to the kennel clubs and then giving breed points away, too! So I am staying home more!

I think the dogs and my husband- and even my sons- are LOVING that I am home all the time.

But I'm not! I feel like I don't have a purpose- I guess I was just MEANT to be a worker-bee; even though I have so often been accused of being the Queen Bee!!

I can't wait for this economy to turn around!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Cat's Out of the Bag

I'm going to be a Grandma Again!!

I had to keep it a secret for awhile- but now that the cat is out of the bag... I can tell everyone how happy I am about it!! I am not good at keeping secrets- and its been really hard for me not to spread the news!

My baby is having another baby!! Our newest arrival is expected around November 20th- so just in time for Thanksgiving!!

I really like being a grandmother! It is so much easier than being a mom was!! All of the fun, and none of the responsibility!! I get to do all the spoiling I want to, and not have to be all that concerned over the consequences!

Of course, I would prefer that all of my little chickens were closer to home, but no one gets everything they wish for in life, I suppose!

I even turned down a judging assignment for that time period- I know that I am not going to want to miss being near by when this little one makes his or her grand entrance to the world!!