Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Time!! Haunted Heart!! G.B. Wiggle!! Sixteen Step!! Tush Push!! Boot-Scootin Boogie!! Chicken Fried Country!!

So...How many of you know what the heck I am talking about? Any secret line-dancers out there? Or is this something you don't talk about?

I used to dance-- Two Step-- Electric Slide-- Texas Waltz-- YEARS ago~ and anyone that really knows me, knows that I love Country music.

I was raised on Country music- Johnny Cash- Patsy Cline- the late and the Great. I therefore raised my children on Pure Country and New Country; as babies they were "two-stepped" to sleep to tunes by Loretta Lynn; Pam Tillis; Reba McIntire.

Fast Forward to 2009...

Since I am taking a bit of a sabbatical from Dog Shows~ I decided that I needed a more "rounded" life. My favorite local Country band, Crazy Heart, sponsors Line Dance lessons at a local community center. Every Thursday evening you can now find Lisa and I at the community center learning the steps to the newest Line Dances--

AND~~ I am LOVING IT!!!~~ I haven't had this much fun since~~ my first Puppy Kindergarten Class~~

Of course, I am also discovering that along with age, comes the inability to remember left from right~ But thats all-good!! The rest of the class is middle-aged women and we all have the same problem!

You know... You really CAN teach an old Bitch new tricks!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Broadway Puppies Update

I figured it was about time for an update on the Broadway puppies...
The red puppies fascinate me! The female is getting deeper in color all the time, and as her pigment comes in, it looks like she just *may* have black pigment! {I have my fingers crossed on that one} The male puppy, on the other hand, has very little pigment coming in~ and his color is only deepening in splotches; over most of his body he is either white, or cream, or a very pale champagne. His ears are redder, and he has one deeper red spot on one side. It almost looks like a merle pattern-- but without any black, of course!!! Its very strange!!! I am taking lots of photos of the reds, and as soon as I can send the DNA in I will- I am anxious to find out what they "really" are!
The entire litter is very pretty- at two weeks, their eyes are open and their personalities are just starting to come out a bit. Lucy and Laurel are the most reactive- Morgan, so far, is the most laid back. [ Oh- thats the red bitch, the smallest blue dog, and the black dog, respectively] Everyone else is pretty much middle of the road! Oprah looks very much like her mommy did at this age... sigh...I could be so lucky!!
The litter is toddling about, peeking over the whelping box doorway, and starting to paw at each other in slow motion now. They are the best time wasters!! I have the hardest time getting anything done with baby puppies in the house!
Typically, I have had a few people -- pet people-- back out, now that they can send deposits!!! I am actually very happy with that-- since I had way more people on the waiting list than I have puppies! I have a feeling I am going to want to run on more than one of these puppies myself, and don't want to end up feeling forced to put a really lovely puppy in a companion home on a spay/neuter contract!
Hopefully I will have more photo's again soon!