Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Babies are Here!

They're Here!

The much awaited Powell x Sera litter has arrived! Sera delivered 8 beautiful babies in 3 hours and 22 minutes (from first to last) with very little fuss or muss!

Like her mom, Vi, Sera is a Wonderful Mom Dog! She is keeping the box very clean, and puppies are plump and warm and quiet. She is so proud of herself!!

I was more than a little suprised, however, when puppy #2 arrived! Instead of the expected black or blue head-- out comes a WHITE head-- Upon drying-- and closer inspection-- I discovered it was actually a RED head!

W T F ???

Ok- I admit it-- My first thought was-- SHIT--- Since I wasn't there for the breeding-- (Sera was bred in Texas) I thought that "someone" let another dog get to Sera! I was FREAKING!! Then I thought for a second-- realized that Powell was bred by Lisa Phillips-- who had the first "known" Pinks... and Sera goes back to some of the older Joseter stuff...

Ta Da... "WOW... I have a Pink Puppy from a Blue to Black breeding" said I

As I grabbed for my cell phone (needed to talk to someone about this one- ) out comes puppy #3-- and it is another PINK--

Calm exterior is GONE-- Panic begins to set in--

Oh My God!!! What do I DO if my ENTIRE litter is NOTHING but Pinks???

My lifeline person (Thank you, Cindy) talked me off the ledge... and in due time, another black puppy and 4 blues were born...

So-- the final count is:

1 black male
1 black female
2 blue males
2 blue females
1 clear red male
1 clear red female

Watch for photos and updates-- I posted on SC-L-- and have gotten all kinds of advice on what I need to "do" with these puppies!!!

Let the fun begin!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sera's Big Belly

This is a new way to see Sera: 10 days before her due date, and almost scraping bottom! Poor Baby!!
Whatever happened to her level topline?? Hope it comes back when the bambino's arrive!!

Hello Again, World

So... my friends tell me I have to use my Blog to keep everyone updated on the puppies-to-be-- and my life in General..

I say-- Isn't Facebook and my Yahoo Group enough?

"Oh No" says they... is the Blog

Date line: Easton, PA- Monday, October 19, 2009

Sera-Bear has grown 10 inches at her last rib from her first breeding. 5" in the last 3 weeks. Its an AMAZING growth spurt. I have started taking her temp twice a day now, and she is not fond of that activity. The whelping area will be set up tonight - if I can get hubby dearest to remove the stuff piled in that corner of the office. I have tentatively scheduled Sera for xrays on Friday to do a puppy count.

School continues to frustrate me... I love the Medical classes- but my Speech and Communication class is misery; I like the materal- the professor- well- is not my style. Those of you that know me well can probably understand the situation! I need DETAILS! If we have a test-- we have a test and I will prepare for it. If the syllabus says we are going to be doing this-- then we should be doing that-- not singing and stuff!! It is good to know that I am not the only student that is frustrated with the class- but it is not going to help my grade any!! Midterms are this week- so I am half way through with this professor- and thankfully this is the only class I will have to take with her!

Things at home are crawling along. The kennel is finished- the rest of the downstairs is not. My husband seems to have lost his motivation -big suprise there! It is better than it was, but a long way from done.

It is very strange not having a dog to show- not even anything in the wings. Fes is in his new home, and doing very well- I don't have anything worthy of being specialed- and no time to run to shows every weekend if I did! I am still training, but my Agility Instructor, Janet, has shut down for the winter, and I haven't made arrangements for another class for Bugsy and Jitterbug. So- right now, I am feeling rather at loose ends, with just the one Obedience class per week with Bugsy, and training on my own at home with Jitterbug...

Oh- we went to my neice's wedding on Cape Cod- it was a Beautiful Fall weekend! Of course, since it was my sisters "to-do" everything was picture perfect - No Way would God DARE rain on -HER- plans!!- :) - There was no blood shed- everyone got along nicely and we had a great weekend away!

And.... thats my life in a nutshell these days!

See-- isn't that boring??