Monday, December 7, 2009

Puppy Updates-The Pinks

This is Opie- the "white" puppy. At 6 weeks, he is getting some color- the color surrounds both eyes- he is a very light- "soft" red. He also has brown pigment! It may darken- his eyes are really nice and dark- but I am not holding my breath!

Of course, he is probably one of the better puppies, structurally! Damn that Murphy's Law!! He has attitude to die for, as well!
Lucy- the clear red bitch- is a deeper red. She has black pigment nose, eye rims and mouth- and nice dark eyes. She would pass well for a red Cardigan bitch- and she is very well put together!! I have tossed around keeping her = I have always wanted a good red Cardi bitch-- have owned a few not-so-good ones, and Lucy is by far better quality than any of the red bitches I have owned in the past-- BUT-- She isn't REALLY a Red-- genetically-- she is black!!

The judges would never know- but I would know- and it has the potential of wreaking havoc in my breeding program-- or someone elses down the line...
What do do?? What to do??