Friday, February 26, 2010

Website Woes

My old website is dead and buried. is forever gone. Gone with it is all the hours of work I put into it~ which makes me very sad! I had a lot of great stuff on that website, including a guest book that dated back 7 or 8 years!

I have purchased another domain name through GoDaddy- my new website will be

All I need is the time to upload photos and put this new website on the "map". Of course, Time is the one thing I just don't seem to have enough of these days!

However, I did decide that the format of the new website will be slightly different. My new website will contain the basics about Xtacee Cardigans; the photos of most of the dogs, and information on upcoming litters, and a little about my history in the breed.

But the "meat" of the website- all the writings about CHD and raising Cardigans and Raw Diets and positive training and discussions on the standard and breeding ethics-- and any other subjects that jump into my feeble brain- Iwill post on my blog. I will make sure there is a link to the blog from my new website, but people will have to look a little bit to find stuff!

Hopefully, it will make things a little easier for me to maintain, as well. I know that my website was not as timely as it could have been, and I also know that I don't "blog" as often as I should.

At any rate, look for the announcement on the new website being up and running sometime in the next few weeks.

Until then... just remember that Patience is a Virtue... or something like that!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Worth Bragging About

Morgan the "Wonder Puppy" aka Xtacee La Amistad.

Morgan is the baby boy that stayed here from my Powell x Sera litter, and is shown in this picture winning his THIRD-- yes, thats right---THIRD major match win; at 3 1/2 months of age. For the record, he's been shown at just 3 matches.

Hence... The wonder puppy...

Morgan's first match experience- and first time on a lead- was the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club Canine Learning Experience Puppy Sweepstakes- 3 months and 4 days of age- and Morgan came out of the ring with Herding Puppy Group I under jude Liz Muthard (OES breeder and AKC judge); total puppies defeated- 37. COOL!!! I was pleased~ He moved like a little trooper, sort of held a stack for a few seconds, and discovered that hot dogs were Gods Food! Thats a good way to start any little show hopeful!

Day 2 of Canine Learning Experience was going to be tougher! Judge was a GSD breeder/judge who admitted he knew NOTHING about Cardigans... "Oh Well" thought I "Its great experience for the puppy" Morgan learned more about stacking and baiting, and learned about waiting in a crate until time to play in the ring. He learned that its fun to have people pet you- and learned to go in the ring with all the BIGGER puppies and that was way cool!!! Color Me Shocked when the judge pulled my little baby Cardigan to the front of the line, and awarded Morgan Herding Group I-- Again! His comment as he handed me the ribbon... "Do all Cardigans move that well?" (Hmmm... shall I tell him the truth?)

So... on we go to the Very First Corgi-Mania! This event is co-sponsored by the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Garden State, and the Garden State Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club, and was held on Valentines Day. Having nothing better to do... (see post on keeping my life in balance...) Morgan and I went to Corgi-Mania to support the event. I had planned on also taking Bugsy, and working him in Obedience, but a late night out with friends made an early morning pretty much not likely- so Bugsy stayed home.

By now, I have drug out the Stacking Stilts, and Morgan and I have had some remedial training on what STAND and STAY mean. >>> It didn't help much- but I did make the effort!<<<

Under Pembroke & Cardigan breeder Sherri Hurst, Morgan was awarded Best of Breed Cardigan- and then, to put the Icing on our Valentines Cake- was given Best Puppy in Match!

Needless to say-- I was Thrilled with my baby boy! He needs LOTS of training (how many days until the Nationals?) but he really LIKES to play show dog, and that is half the battle!

Now- confession time--

I wasn't "thrilled" with Morgan as an 8 week old puppy. He was the best male puppy in the litter~ but I wasn't convinced that I needed to keep him.

But then... I wasn't really "thrilled" with his mother, Sera, either. And look what she turned out to be??

Maybe I should always keep the dog I am really NOT all that thrilled with...