Monday, January 17, 2011

Reflections on the Weekend

Much more than the ribbons and awards; more important than the Grand Championship points (although those were great, too) was the time spent with friends. We talked, laughed, planned and learned together.
Time like this is important, and I think that all too often those of us that show dogs get too caught up in the Wins and the Rankings and forget about the Dogs and the People that we have met along the way!
Don't get me wrong-- the wins are nice! Winning is much more fun than losing, after all! But, winning is also addictive, and that addiction can be so destructive!
People get into dogs for many reasons, and dogs are a great source of comfort for most of us! Psychologists have stated that many women become involved in dogs because dogs offer the unconditional love they were never able to find in a relationship. Its true that our dogs love us, and accept us without question- but as much as I love my dogs they don't take the place of my family. Or my true friends!
We joke about Dog Show Addiction; the movie Best In Show portrays a couple that max's out their Credit Cards and spends the weekend in a cleaning closet-- just to attend the dog show. It was funny in the movie- but is it funny in real life? I'm sure there are plenty who are paying entry fees and letting bills slide!
What happens when the great show dog's career is over? All good things come to an end! When you have built your entire life around a dogs show career~ what do you do when that show career ends? If your life lacks natural balance, what do you have left?
As great as the Dog Show World is, it can be quite fickle; the top winners are popular today, and a forgotten figure tomorrow. The need to constantly have a dog on top of the pile can become quite an obsession if your "real life" isn't in harmony!
I love Dog Shows! I love dog show people! I enjoy almost every aspect of our sport, and some of my happiest hours are spent at shows. I look forward to the times that I can spend at shows, with my dog show friends-
But- as Roger Caras says-- Dogs are not our whole lives; they make our lives whole!
My involvement with dogs has rounded out my life- not become my entire life! Through dog showing I have met some absolutely wonderful people who I care for very deeply. Win or lose- dog show or not; my family and friends have made my life what it is today, and I am grateful for that. It is precious to me.
Thank you, Beth and Terri & Lisa, for a great weekend!

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  1. Thank you Kathy for "kidnapping" me, and encouraging me to get a breather from my busy schedule! I miss showing dogs, but showing is merely on hold for now.
    I agree that striking a healthy balance is very important in life! My cup is full again, and I am recharged for another semester. I had a wonderful time!

    Beth Sorenson