Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bugsy and I have something to celebrate!

Several months ago (the very end of May, to be exact) I injured my left shoulder while pulling a basket out of the top of my closet. Ultimately, I ended up with Rotator-cuff tendonitis and Adhesive capsulitis. As a result, I wasn't able (allowed) to work with the dogs, or even take them for walks on lead.
Bugsy was half way through his RAE, and doing beautifully on his Open Obedience training when I was injured. To say the least, this little vacation has been devastating. I don't know who has missed training more!! I have felt so bad for him!
The good news is that my Physical Therapy has been successful well beyond anyones expectations, and I can start training again! I am hoping that after a really short refreshment course, Bugsy and I can start back after his last few RAE legs!
Then, of course, there is his Open work, and Agility... and maybe even some more Herding in his future!
We can hardly wait to get started!
Hope to see you at an Obedience trial soon!!


  1. Yea! I've had a torn rotator cuff, that ended up needing THREE surgeries, and isn't fully recovered so I can totally feel for you! Glad you're on the mend, and can get back to work! Good luck, your fans are rooting for you!

  2. I am still in PT, and probably going to have to have a closed manipulation (Grade 4)under anesthesia- but it is SO much better than it was even 6 weeks ago that it is amazing! I can even grind dog nails and wash my own hair-- which I haven't been able to do all summer!

    But it has been SO frustrating- and so incredibly painful! I never thought anything could be as painful as the 2 ruptured disks in my back- I was WRONG-- this is far worse! And I am trying not to take all the pain meds, so I can function during school-

    The original prognosis was it would be January before I would be able to start training- so being released to start training- even on a reduced schedule- on October 1- is HUGE!! Dr. also originally said he was "hopeful" that I would end up with "about 75% function" after treatment- he has now said I should end up with about 90%!

  3. Glad you are able to get back to training. Who knows maybe the short break will have Bugsy so keen to work that he picks up everything you need in a flash. Good luck.